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Emotional Free Techniques

EFT allows you to make swift, positive, healing changes in your life by TAPPING with your fingers on specific meridian (energy) points on the body (you remain fully clothed), addressing the whole energy system.

The tapping rapidly releases stuck emotions and self-defeating behaviour, with effective, dramatic results. This allows you to fulfil your potential, eliminating stubborn old problems.

Self administer Emotional Free Techniques (EFT) This tapping process is so easy to learn and self administer. You create a mental sliding scale of negativity, between 1-10. Whilst tapping on a specific set of points on the face, hands and body, you repeat whatever negative emotion youre feeling at that moment (eg angry). After each round of tapping, you check in with your mental sliding scale of negativity and find the numbers diminishing more quickly than you could ever have imagined for example, the anger evaporates and becomes meaningless.

You can tap for anything, at any time, anywhere.


  • Relieve physical symptoms (eg headaches, cravings);
  • Sleep well (insomnia);
  • Relieve stress and anxiety;
  • Improve performance (sports, public speaking, career);
  • Overcome phobias, grief, guilt, negative emotions.


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